Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Firts Officers Log: Day 19, Back in Brooklyn!

Day 19, Back in Brooklyn!

The sun woke me up in the bright room this morning (thats one of the spare bedrooms in the house which Memom nicknamed the bright room, cause duh its bright in the mornings.) I was up early but didn't mind today cause we were going on our final drive back to Brooklyn.

We went up the road for a quick breakfast with my sister & brother-in-law. We don't hang out nearly enough so it was really great to spent some time there. Breakfast was delicious! After we ate it was back on the road.

Pappy drove so fast this, I think he finally lost it after all these days on the road. Bobbing and weaving trough NJ traffic we quickly made our way to Coney Island for some Nathans hot dogs. We park in front of a fire hydrant across the street cause there is so much traffic and no parking. I run over to buy us lunch and there I see the most beautiful sight so far on this trip, my lovely lady walking towards me. Thats what Ive been missing!

We grab some hot dogs and then all go to my apartment to eat. The dogs were just what ive been craving for weeks, god its great to be back. We had some great adventures the last 19 day's, bonded as father and son, and saw some amazing sights in this great country of ours. I throughly enjoyed it all.

I hope y'all have enjoyed our journey as much as we have.

"On the road again. Goin' places that I've never been. Seein' things that I may never see again,
And I can't wait to get on the road again." Willie Nelson

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Officers Log: Day 18, Almost Home!

Day 18, Almost Home

Woke up in Ohio this morning just 9 hours away from West Chester. We had our last continental breakfast and all I know is that I am so over motel waffles! After we packed off the car it was off to PA for our stop, Falling Water.

When we got to the house I was surprise at what a big setup they had, there's a cafe, gift shop, and gallery. I grabbed my final post cards from the gift shop and then we waited for our tour.

The house was amazing, my favorite on this trip. The whole thing is built over this water fall in Western PA. In the center of the house in front of a fireplace there was a huge boulder sticking up out of the floor that they built the house around. Every room just led you visually strait out into the woods. There were huge concrete terraces the jutted out over the falls, 4 fireplaces, like 6 balconies, a spring fed pool, three maids/ personal assistants. If I could live anywhere I would live here!

We leave Falling Water and head east. The closer I get to WC the more I start to finally recognize my surroundings. We finally pull off the PA Turnpike down Route 100 and into the driveway. Its exciting to finally be somewhere familiar but somethings missing.........

First Officers Log: Day 17, Land Of Lincoln

Day 17: Land of Lincoln

Our trip is quickly drawing to a close. Left Wisconsin this morning at 8:20am still headed east. Our destination for the day is Chicago to see the birthplace of my siblings and of course to have Chicago pizza with the lovely Amy <>. I haven’t seen Amy in almost 4 years so it was about time we caught up.

The weather was really the worst we've had since we left Pa 17 days ago. We pulled onto the city and stopped at Pizzanos for pizza. I had a beer and chatted with Amy about life and school for a while. After we had lunch and bid Amy goodbye we headed to Dalton IL, where my family spent their first few years before the dark times, before me! It was nice to see where they had lived and hear stores about the old days from the old man.

Another day on the road, and another day closer to home. I can almost taste that Nathans hotdog and it's delicious

First Officers Log: Day 16, Mall of America

Day 16: Mall of America

We did a whole lot of driving today but only made one stop, The Mall of America. The only thing I wanted to do there was ride the rollercoaster, which we did. Pappy was making fun of me cause we went to the lego store and I wanted to buy some Star Wars toys. He said “I am at the biggest mall in America with the biggest kid in America.”

First Officers Log: Day 15 South Dakota

Day 15: South Dakota, A whole lot of nothing in a big ass state.

What I don’t understand about South Dakota is that for a state where I can see nothing but grass and cows why is there so much construction? Well its on the roads so I guess it makes sense, people want to be able to get in and get the fuck out. Today was mostly just another day on the road. We went to Mount Rushmore, our last state park and our one stop for the day. They had some great ice cream at the park, oh and the mountain was cool too. On the way there we went past the largest coal mine in America. The train on the way out was crazy it was a mile long chain of coal. I’ve never seen a man so excited about coal, oh Pappy.

First Officers Log: Day 14, Yippie-Kai-Yay

Day 14: Yippie-Kai-Yay

Ever spent a lot of time in the middle of nowhere doing nothing? Well welcome to Casper Wyoming. Woke up late today 9:30 to be exact, and oh how sweet it was. Most of the day I sat in the room watching the Michael Jackson Memorial. I so want a casket like his when my day comes!

Spent a little time in the afternoon at the town fair, but the real excitement for the day and our reason for being in Casper was for the Rodeo. I’ve never been to one, and wow I feel like my life just started today.

We had seats right behind the cattle chutes, which was the equivalent of seats behind home plate at a baseball game.

The place smelled something awful but once I got a beer and got over that it was sweet. Highlights for the evening were; The Sheep Ride, and the bull ride. The Sheep ride is where little kids grab on to a sheep with their arms around the neck and legs around the waist and hold on while the sheep tries (and very quickly succeeds) to buck them off. The bull ride is self-explanatory but a couple of things I feel are worth mention are the rodeo clowns (aka bull fighters) who get right up in the bull’s face are bad ass. They actually get right in the bulls way and push them back with their hand! Second thing, the bull tends to crap everywhere while stuck in that little stall which was friggin gross. Sorry but I feel that since I had to live through it you should too.

That about wraps up Wyoming. The rest of our trip is mostly driving and only one stop a day so I feel that our stories are coming to a close quickly.

Friday, July 10, 2009

First Officers Log: Day 13, The Sky is Falling

Day 13: The Sky is Falling

Woke up at 7:30 am mdt, got out of bed, showered and then back on the road. We stopped for breakfast at this little coffee shop in town. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese on a croissant. I don’t know why I did this, I mean I miss Brooklyn and my weekly BEC sandwiches but this place was nothing compared to the ones I get back home. Regardless I ate it and then we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park, our second to last National Park. We found out from a park ranger this morning that the traffic we were stuck in yesterday was the worst on record (just our luck!)

The drive through the park was a endless road climbing up the mountains with no guard rail and 500-1000 foot drops of the side. A little freaky but the views rocked! It was much colder than it’s been this whole trip. We rode with the top down and I almost froze to my seat.

Adams Falls

After we left the park we headed north to Wyoming. The weather was crazy, all around I saw storm clouds and the rain was coming and going the whole way on one side and sunny sky's the other. A few miles in it started hailing really hard. I thought we had driven into an asteroid field. Newton came out without a scratch so don’t you worry.

The weather when we pull into Wyoming.

Check out the clouds from the hail storm we rode through.

We stopped at Ayres Natural Bridge, (finally the Old Man got to see a Natural Bridge.) The bridge was the local hangout for the town so we just took some pictures and headed back on the road.

That's me at the top!

Our final destination is Casper, WY at the Super 8. Best room I think we’ve had this whole trip. Tomorrow is a lax day so I am looking forward to getting some rest! Rodeo tomorrow night, gonna wrasle us some steer!